Why are we still alive.

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Day4 (22-8-12) 8:22PM

And another day has just ended up. This day the 22-8-2012, jus saved me or dragged me from the hell. I passes my first semester of my post graduation degree and all thanx just all thanx to my almighty Jesus Christ , he once again proved that he is watching me or all. I happy that he listen to the silent prayers of my father and my mother who I haven’t loved from my heart. Yea! That’s some what true . But Jesus tries to remind me wrong all the time. Anyway leave the rest, it’s what in me , some quality that he always keeps into something and helps me. Love Jesus, hope will sometime get a chance to meet him on the earth not in the heaven :) because I love myself very much.


Happy Eid to all my Muslim friends

Happy Eid to all my Muslim friends

Day3 (21-8-12) 9:43am

Hi , Just opened my eyes from my exhausted dream, feeling so sad and maybe worried. My results will be out tommarow and god knows what is happened. But, yea leave the bull shit and move forward ajin, drag yourself from the hell and live like a man.

Day2 (20-08-12) 9:19am

Hi all, it’s morning. Just woke up from in Thor sleep :) because it’s actually by watching Thor the movie yesterday night while sleeping. Yea! Jus woke up and it’s quite a sunny day today. Actually there isn’t any job calls coming on my mobile and my break is gonna get finished. Just a week more may be. Let me see what happens in these couple of weeks.

Day1 (19-8-2012)

It’s 19th august …the day is about to go dark. It was okay from the morning. Hope all the world feels the same.